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Condo-Curious.ca event

Condo Curious:  Condos Vs. Freeholds Next event May 4th 2022 – 6:30pm   Join us as we discuss the differences between condominiums & freehold properties. We will be discussing how ownership of condos are managed, who owns each portion and what financial differences you should consider. In addition, we will discuss common mistakes and how …

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Take control of your dreams of home ownership. I have designed a series of home buyer events that will help buyers navigate the Ottawa real estate market. This series of Buyer events and seminars  take place online & in-person in Ottawa. They are ideal for both urban or rural residential property buyers who want to …

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home buying seminars have gone virtual

Wow – 2022 has already started out with a bang. Even though the weather is cold, the market is heating up. If home buying is something you want to accomplish in 2022 warm up from home while attending one my home buying seminars for Ottawa residents.   Here’s are the topics for the next few …

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A few funny stories

Just a story… Every single real estate transaction is different.  Every family is unique and every property we view are worlds apart. Hear from a few of my clients. We asked our clients 3 questions. “Tell us a funny thing about your buying experience…” Enjoy! https://aynottawa.ca/wp-content/uploads/2017/12/question-1-funny-story.mp3

12 habits of happy house hunters in Ottawa

12 habits of happy house hunters Purchasing real estate doesn’t have to be stressful. Follow these habits of home buyers who have found success in purchasing Ottawa real estate. 1 They have set realistic goals about home ownership. 2 They know the difference between what they NEED & what they WANT. 3 They have hired a real estate …

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